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AWS Lambdas made simple.

Vicuna is a library for writing AWS Lambda services using a simple middleware pattern. Middleware can be composed to enable flexible and extensible request and response handling. Because middleware are just functions, they are easy to test and naturally modular.

The library is built on top of the lambda_runtime crate and is meant to be paired with the serverless-rust plugin for the Serverless framework.


Middleware are functions which are passed a Handler and return a Handler. Ultimately the Handler will process a lambda_http::Request. The request is passed through the middleware to allow for arbitrary processing of the request-response lifecycle.

Handler types take in a lambda_http::Request and return a HandlerResult.This result can be unfurled to allow for manipulation of the response at that point in the middleware chain.


To make this more concrete, let's demonstrate what the structure of middleware looks like.

use vicuna::Handler;

fn my_middleware(handler: Handler) -> Handler {
    Box::new(move |request, context| {
        // Resolve upstream middleware chain into a response...
        let mut response = handler(request, context);
        // ...mutate response as desired.

More complex variations of this are possible. For instance, we could introspect the request and conditionally respond based on how it's formed. This is often useful for things such as input validation, event filtering, or additional routing.

A chain of middleware must be passed a Handler. A default_handler is provided as a convenience and can be used to start a chain of middleware. Once the chain is established, we are ready to provide it as a handler to the lambda_runtime framework via the lambda! macro.

To illustrate, let's examine an example that utilizes builtin middleware.

use vicuna::{
    middleware::{body, header},
    Handler, WrappingHandler,

    .wrap_with(body("Hello, world!"))
    .wrap_with(header("x-foo", "bar"))

This is a simple example that demonstrates how straightforward it is to establish an AWS Lambda function that's capable of arbitrary request and response handling via a set of composable and reusable middleware functions.


pub use handler::default_handler;
pub use handler::Handler;
pub use handler::WrappingHandler;
pub use middleware::Middleware;
pub use lambda_http;
pub use lambda_runtime;



Error and result types.


AWS Lambda request handler.


Handler middleware type and trait.