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A Vietnamese typing composition engine.

VI implement support for Vietnamese text composition using the two most common methods: Telex and VNI. The two main methods of this library is telex::transform_buffer and vni::transform_buffer but a range of useful utility methods and constants for Vietnamese text manipulation are also exposed.


  • Minimal to zero configuration. The engine should have a default configurations that fit with most usecases.
  • Support all transformation behaviours & orders. Adding a tonemark during or after typing a word should just work.
  • Be as fast as possible.
  • Be as simple as possible.


use vi::vni;
fn main() {
    let inputs = vec![vec!['v', 'i', 'e', 't', '5', '6'], vec!['n', 'a', 'm']];
    let mut result = String::new();
    for input in inputs {
        vni::transform_buffer(input.iter().cloned(), &mut result);
        result.push(' ');
    println!("{}", result); // prints "việt nam "


VI aims to be as lean as possible, focusing on only the useful features and main use-cases. Therefore, the engine implemented these rules by default with no way of configuring them:

  • Tone mark are placed in the new accent: hoà instead of hòa
  • w in telex will insert ư: so chuw or chw will produce chư


  • Static character mappings for transformation.
  • Parser for parsing an input string as a Vietnamese word
  • The core of the engine, where all the transformation algorithms lives.
  • The telex method transformation
  • Useful utilities for manipulating Vietnamese string & characters.
  • Validation functions for verifying if a word is a valid vietnamese word.
  • The vni method transformation