Crate vextractor[][src]

vextractor is a simple library for extracting the vocabulary of a text file.


vextractor works for any language in any script supported by unicode, as long as the language separates words with a unicode space ' ' (U+20).

Quick Example

extern crate vextractor;
use vextractor::vex::Vextract;

let x = Vextract::new(
    "somepath/somefile.txt", // file containing the text to be processed
    vec!["EU", "etc.", "i.e.", "e.g."], // Acronyms
    vec!["Germany", "France", "Belgium", "Italy"] // Proper Nouns

println!("{}", x.get_pretty_vocab()); // Prints the vocabulary
println!("{}", x.get_sorted_pretty_vocab()); // Sorts, then prints

x.write_to_file("somepath/somefile.txt"); // Writes vocab to a text file


vextractor is licensed under GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE version 3 . Please read the file for more information.