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VeryFast is a collection of useful tools needed mostly by game developers. It is designed to work well in multi threaded contexts.

At the moment it supplies one useful class - pool::Pool, which allocates objects on the heap like a Box, but allocates in batches and reuses the memory instead of deallocating when Dropped!

Nightly Requirements:

Nightly is required because of the next features:

  • #![feature(allocator_api)]: Custom allocation strategy for Pool



A heap allocator that gives ownership of the value like a Box, but allocates in batches.


SmallBuffer is useful as a buffer for elements that see little usage. It has a small capacity inline, so a couple messages will not cause it to allocate memory. If it receives more data than it can store, it will allocate additional memory to handle it. It will not deallocate any memory, for cases when it's likely an element that has seen a lot of usage has a higher chance to continue having high usage.