Trait vector_space::VectorSpace[][src]

pub trait VectorSpace: Copy + Zero + PartialEq where
    Self: Add<Self, Output = Self>,
    Self: Sub<Self, Output = Self>,
    Self: Mul<Self::Scalar, Output = Self>,
    Self: Div<Self::Scalar, Output = Self>,
    Self: Neg<Output = Self>, 
{ type Scalar: Real + PartialOrd; fn lerp(self, other: Self, amount: Self::Scalar) -> Self { ... } }

This trait specifies some type to be a vector type. It specifies the scalar type and is required for other vector types.

Associated Types

type Scalar: Real + PartialOrd[src]

The scalar type of the vector space.

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Provided methods

fn lerp(self, other: Self, amount: Self::Scalar) -> Self[src]

The linear interpolation of two vectors.

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl VectorSpace for f32[src]

type Scalar = f32

impl VectorSpace for f64[src]

type Scalar = f64

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