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A novel library for converting glyphs into triangulations which can be used to simplify text rendering in Game and Application Interfaces.

use vdtfont::{*, delaunay::*};

// Create a font
let font_data = include_bytes!("/usr/share/fonts/truetype/open-sans/OpenSans-Regular.ttf");
let mut font = Font::from_vec(font_data.to_vec()).unwrap();

// Obtain a glyph
let glyph = font.glyph('a');
// Outline the glyph
let outlined_glyph = font.outline_glyph(glyph);
// Triangulate th glyph
let triangulated_glyph = font.triangulate_glyph(outlined_glyph).unwrap();

// Use the resulting triangulation
    .for_each(|triangle_handle| {
        // ...