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Variable length signed and unsigned integer types. Types support up to 128-bit integers, both are encoded to 1-17 bytes.

Encoding rules are based on SQLite 4 Varuint type with modifications for support of 128-bit long integers. Signed integers are encoded using the Protobuf ZigZag approach and reuses unsigned integer as a storage.

Unlike the Protobuf encoding rules Varint needs the first byte only to find out the length of the whole value. Microbenchmarks say that it is a lot faster.

§How to use

Add dependency to your Cargo.toml:

varuint = "0.6"

Add imports to your code:

use varuint::{Varint, Serializable, Deserializable};

Use it:

use std::mem;
use std::io::Cursor;

use varuint::*;

fn main() {
    let mut cursor = Cursor::new(vec![]);
    let _ = cursor.write_varint(1u8).unwrap();
    let _ = cursor.write_varint(-300i16).unwrap();
    let v = Varint(-56_782i128);
    let _ = v.serialize(&mut cursor).unwrap();
    assert_eq!(1u8, ReadVarint::<u8>::read_varint(&mut cursor).unwrap());
    assert_eq!(-300i16, ReadVarint::<i16>::read_varint(&mut cursor).unwrap());
    assert_eq!(v, Varint::<i128>::deserialize(&mut cursor).unwrap());

§Encoding rules

Encoding rules for unsinged integer Varint are (assuming value is V):

  • If V<=240 then output a single byte A0 equal to V.
  • If V<=2031 then output A0 as (V-240)/256 + 241 and A1 as (V-240)%256.
  • If V<=67567 then output A0 as 248, A1 as (V-2032)/256, and A2 as (V-2032)%256.
  • If V<=16_777_215 then output A0 as 249 and A1 through A3 as a little-endian 3-byte integer.
  • If V<=4_294_967_295 then output A0 as 250 and A1..A4 as a little-endian 4-byte integer.
  • If V<=1_099_511_627_775 then output A0 as 251 and A1..A5 as a little-endian 5-byte integer.
  • If V<=281_474_976_710_655 then output A0 as 252 and A1..A6 as a little-endian 6-byte integer.
  • If V<=72_057_594_037_927_935 then output A0 as 253 and A1..A7 as a little-endian 7-byte integer.
  • If V<=9_223_372_036_854_775_807 then output A0 as 254 and A1..A8 as a little-endian 8-byte integer.
  • Otherwise output A0 as 255 and A1..A16 as a little-endian 16-byte integer.

Signed integer Varint converted to the unsigned integer Varint in the first place and then encoded as an unsigned integer. Conversion method makes values closer to 0 to take less space. See Protobuf docs for details.


  • Variable length signed integer.