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Quickly create ux-dx applications.

The NanoVG API loosely modeled on the HTML5 Canvas API.

Very nice color palette

Some partially implemented abstractions

Tge engine adapted for this library

Bindings to Gles2 2.0/3.0/3.1/3.2

Resource management - WIP

Scene management - WIP

Pure Rust Immediate mode UI - WIP



Describes a single binding inside a bind group.

Describe the blend state of a render pipeline.

Different ways that you can use a buffer.

Describes the color state of a render pipeline.

Color write mask. Disabled color channels will not be written to.

Describes the depth/stencil state in a render pipeline.

Extent of a texture related operation.

Layout of a texture in a buffer’s memory.

Subresource range within an image

Describes the multi-sampling state of a render pipeline.

Origin of a copy to/from a texture.

Describes the state of primitive assembly and rasterization in a render pipeline.

A range of push constant memory to pass to a shader stage.

Describes a [SwapChain].

Different ways that you can use a texture.

Vertex inputs (attributes) to shaders.


How edges should be handled in texture addressing.

Alpha blend factor.

Comparison function used for depth and stencil operations.

Face of a vertex.

Texel mixing mode when sampling between texels.

Winding order which classifies the “front” face.

Rate that determines when vertex data is advanced.

Type of drawing mode for polygons

Behavior of the presentation engine based on frame rate.

Primitive type the input mesh is composed of.

Type of query contained in a QuerySet.

Color variation to use when sampler addressing mode is AddressMode::ClampToBorder

Operation to perform on the stencil value.

Underlying texture data format.

Specific type of a sample in a texture binding.

Vertex Format for a Vertex Attribute (input).

Type Definitions

Integral type used for buffer offsets.

Integral type used for buffer slice sizes.

Integral type used for binding locations in shaders.