[][src]Module uuid::prelude

The uuid prelude.

This module contains the most important items of the uuid crate.

To use the prelude, include the following in your crate root:

extern crate uuid;

and the following in every module:

use uuid::prelude::*;

Prelude Contents

Currently the prelude reexports the following:

uuid::{Error, Uuid, Variant, Version, builder::Builder}: The fundamental types used in uuid crate.

uuid::v1::{ClockSequence,Context}: The types useful for handling uuid version 1. Requires feature v1.


pub use super::Builder;
pub use super::Bytes;
pub use super::Error;
pub use super::Uuid;
pub use super::Variant;
pub use super::Version;
pub use v1::ClockSequence;
pub use v1::Context;