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This crate implements necessary boiler plate code to serve Swagger UI via web server. It works as a bridge for serving the OpenAPI documentation created with utoipa library in the Swagger UI.

Currently implemented boiler plate for:

  • actix-web version >= 4
  • rocket version >=0.5
  • axum version >=0.6

Serving Swagger UI is framework independent thus this crate also supports serving the Swagger UI with other frameworks as well. With other frameworks there is bit more manual implementation to be done. See more details at serve or examples.

Crate Features

  • actix-web Enables actix-web integration with pre-configured SwaggerUI service factory allowing users to use the Swagger UI without a hassle.
  • rocket Enables rocket integration with with pre-configured routes for serving the Swagger UI and api doc without a hassle.
  • axum Enables axum integration with pre-configured Router serving Swagger UI and OpenAPI specs hassle free.
  • debug-embed Enables debug-embed feature on rust_embed crate to allow embedding files in debug builds as well.


Use only the raw types without any boiler plate implementation.

utoipa-swagger-ui = "3"

Enable actix-web framework with Swagger UI you could define the dependency as follows.

utoipa-swagger-ui = { version = "3", features = ["actix-web"] }

Note! Also remember that you already have defined utoipa dependency in your Cargo.toml


Serve Swagger UI with api doc via actix-web. See full example from examples.

HttpServer::new(move || {
                    .url("/api-docs/openapi.json", ApiDoc::openapi()),
    .bind((Ipv4Addr::UNSPECIFIED, 8989)).unwrap()

Serve Swagger UI with api doc via rocket. See full example from examples.

fn rocket() -> Rocket<Build> {
                .url("/api-docs/openapi.json", ApiDoc::openapi()),

Setup Router to serve Swagger UI with axum framework. See full implementation of how to serve Swagger UI with axum from examples.

 let app = Router::<S>::new()
         .url("/api-docs/openapi.json", ApiDoc::openapi()));



  • Object used to alter Swagger UI settings.
  • Represents servable file of Swagger UI. This is used together with serve function to serve Swagger UI files via web server.
  • SwaggerUiactix-web or rocket or axum
    Entry point for serving Swagger UI and api docs in application. It provides builder style chainable configuration methods for configuring api doc urls.
  • Rust type for Swagger UI url configuration object.


  • User friendly way to serve Swagger UI and its content via web server.