Struct usvg::FeTurbulence[][src]

pub struct FeTurbulence {
    pub base_frequency: Point<PositiveNumber>,
    pub num_octaves: u32,
    pub seed: i32,
    pub stitch_tiles: bool,
    pub kind: FeTurbulenceKind,

A turbulence generation filter primitive.

feTurbulence element in the SVG.


base_frequency: Point<PositiveNumber>

Identifies the base frequency for the noise function.

baseFrequency in the SVG.

num_octaves: u32

Identifies the number of octaves for the noise function.

numOctaves in the SVG.

seed: i32

The starting number for the pseudo random number generator.

seed in the SVG.

stitch_tiles: bool

Smooth transitions at the border of tiles.

stitchTiles in the SVG.

kind: FeTurbulenceKind

Indicates whether the filter primitive should perform a noise or turbulence function.

type in the SVG.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for FeTurbulence[src]

impl Copy for FeTurbulence[src]

impl Debug for FeTurbulence[src]

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