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Userstyles provides API bindings for This makes it possible to get styles, their settings and other metadata.

For getting all information about a style you can use get_style.

use userstyles::get_style;

// Style URL: ""
let style = get_style(37035);

If you just want to access the css with the default settings you can use the get_css method with None as parameter.

use userstyles::response::Style;

let style = Style::default();

let css = style.get_css(None);

If you are interested in the css, but want to change the settings, you can also use get_css. This takes a HashMap with all keys and values you want to set. You can get all the available settings from Style.style_settings.

use userstyles::response::Style;
use std::collections::HashMap;

let style = Style::default();
let mut map = HashMap::new();
map.insert(String::from("ACCENTCOLOR"), String::from("#f00ba2"));

let css = style.get_css(Some(&mut map));





Make a request to the API for a style. id is the identifier of the style you want to request.