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A Linux mechanism for handling page faults in user space.

The main way to interact with this library is to create a Uffd object with a UffdBuilder, then use the methods of Uffd from a worker thread.

See userfaultfd(2) and ioctl_userfaultfd(2) for more details.


Represents an opaque buffer where userfaultfd events are stored.

Used with UffdBuilder to determine which features are available in the current kernel.

Used with UffdBuilder and Uffd::register() to determine which operations are available.

The registration mode used when registering an address range with Uffd.

The userfaultfd object.

A builder for initializing Uffd objects.


Errors for this crate.

Events from the userfaultfd object that are read by Uffd::read_event().

The kind of fault for a page fault event.

Whether a page fault event was for a read or write.

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