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URL Locator

This library provides a streaming parser for locating URLs.

Instead of returning the URL itself, this library will only return the length of the URL and the offset from the current parsing position.

The length and offset counts follow the example of Rust's standard library's char type and are based on unicode scalar values instead of graphemes.


This crate is available on crates.io and can be used by adding urlocator to your dependencies in your project's Cargo.toml:

urlocator = "0.1.4"

Example: URL boundaries

By keeping track of the current parser position, it is possible to locate the boundaries of a URL in a character stream:

// Boundaries:      10-v                 v-28
let input = "[example](https://example.org)";

let mut locator = UrlLocator::new();

let (mut start, mut end) = (0, 0);

for (i, c) in input.chars().enumerate() {
    if let UrlLocation::Url(length, end_offset) = locator.advance(c) {
        start = 1 + i - length as usize;
        end = i - end_offset as usize;

assert_eq!(start, 10);
assert_eq!(end, 28);

Examlpe: Counting URLs

By checking for the return state of the parser, it is possible to determine exactly when a URL has been broken. Using this, you can count the number of URLs in a stream:

let input = "https://example.org/1 https://rust-lang.org/二 https://example.com/Ⅲ";

let mut locator = UrlLocator::new();

let mut url_count = 0;
let mut reset = true;

for c in input.chars() {
    match locator.advance(c) {
        UrlLocation::Url(..) if reset => {
            url_count += 1;
            reset = false;
        UrlLocation::Reset => reset = true,
        _ => (),

assert_eq!(url_count, 3);



URL parser.



Position of the URL parser.