[][src]Crate url_params_serializer

Allows the serialization of types which implement Serde's Serializer trait to HTTP GET query parameters. Typical usage:

use serde_derive::Serialize;
use url::Url;
use url_params_serializer::to_url_params;

struct Params {
    bar: &'static str,
    baz: usize,

let params = Params { bar: "spam", baz: 5 };
let url = Url::parse_with_params("https://foo.com", to_url_params(params)).unwrap();

assert_eq!(url.into_string(), "https://foo.com/?bar=spam&baz=5");

Some more complex types can be serialized too; see the documentation for to_url_params for more information.



Produces a list of key-value pairs, compatible with url's Url::parse_with_params method.