[][src]Enum url::Origin

pub enum Origin {
    Tuple(StringHost<String>, u16),

The origin of an URL

Two URLs with the same origin are considered to originate from the same entity and can therefore trust each other.

The origin is determined based on the scheme as follows:

  • If the scheme is "blob" the origin is the origin of the URL contained in the path component. If parsing fails, it is an opaque origin.
  • If the scheme is "ftp", "gopher", "http", "https", "ws", or "wss", then the origin is a tuple of the scheme, host, and port.
  • If the scheme is anything else, the origin is opaque, meaning the URL does not have the same origin as any other URL.

For more information see https://url.spec.whatwg.org/#origin



A globally unique identifier

Tuple(StringHost<String>, u16)

Consists of the URL's scheme, host and port


impl Origin[src]

pub fn new_opaque() -> Origin[src]

Creates a new opaque origin that is only equal to itself.

pub fn is_tuple(&self) -> bool[src]

Return whether this origin is a (scheme, host, port) tuple (as opposed to an opaque origin).

pub fn ascii_serialization(&self) -> String[src]

pub fn unicode_serialization(&self) -> String[src]

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for Origin[src]

fn clone_from(&mut self, source: &Self)1.0.0[src]

Performs copy-assignment from source. Read more

impl PartialEq<Origin> for Origin[src]

impl Eq for Origin[src]

impl Debug for Origin[src]

impl Hash for Origin[src]

fn hash_slice<H>(data: &[Self], state: &mut H) where
    H: Hasher

Feeds a slice of this type into the given [Hasher]. Read more

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Sync for Origin

impl Send for Origin

impl Unpin for Origin

impl RefUnwindSafe for Origin

impl UnwindSafe for Origin

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