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Provides a struct Url to decompose the url into a set of string slice. Some utilities functions are also provided.


You can notice this crate is very similar to the url crate. That’s right : url-decompose almost do the same thing.

As I started to make this crate, I didn’t know the existance of “url” so I went to URI RFC to make my own implementation (using a regex). When I discover “url” crate, I decided to keep on my crate for some reasons :

Url<S> can either own data or not

S has to implement AsRef<str>, so Url can stock whatever type you want. It can be String (so Url owns the string) or &str (so Url keeps a reference to another String).

This crate is light

As I’m writing, there is 2 files 400 lines in totale, and needs 3 dependencies. Of course, the crate should evolve to something better in parsing, but it’ll still remain light.