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uplifter brings you lightning-fast performance and a set of powerful features.

Getting Started

  1. Installation: Choose the installation method that works for you:

    • NPM: Install uplifter globally using NPM:

      npm install -g uplifter
    • Cargo: If you prefer it, you can also install uplifter via Cargo:

      cargo install uplifter
  2. Usage: Start using uplifter right away. For example, to install a package:

    uplifter add package-name
  3. Explore: Dive into our documentation to discover all the amazing features uplifter has to offer.

Support uplifter

If you find uplifter helpful for your projects, consider becoming a sponsor. Your support helps us maintain and improve this tool for everyone. Become a sponsor.


We welcome contributions from the community! Whether you’re a developer, designer, or writer, there’s a place for you in our project. Check out our Contributing Guidelines to get started.

Feedback and Contact

Have questions, suggestions, or feedback? Reach out to us on the GitHub Discussions page.


Uplifter is released under The Unlicense.