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This structure holds aliases data.
The document structure.
The emitter structure.
The event structure.
The pointer position.
An element of a mapping node.
The node structure.
The parser structure.
This structure holds information about a potential simple key.
The tag directive data.
The token structure.
The version directive data.


Line break type.
The emitter states.
The stream encoding.
Many bad things could happen with the parser and emitter.
Event types.
Mapping styles.
Node types.
The states of the parser.
Scalar styles.
Sequence styles.
Token types.


Create an ALIAS event.
Create a MAPPING node and attach it to the document.
Create a SCALAR node and attach it to the document.
Create a SEQUENCE node and attach it to the document.
Add a pair of a key and a value to a MAPPING node.
Add an item to a SEQUENCE node.
Delete a YAML document and all its nodes.
Create the DOCUMENT-END event.
Get a node of a YAML document.
Get the root of a YAML document node.
Create a YAML document.
Create the DOCUMENT-START event.
Finish a YAML stream.
Destroy an emitter.
Emit a YAML document.
Emit an event.
Flush the accumulated characters to the output.
Initialize an emitter.
Start a YAML stream.
Set the preferred line break.
Set if the output should be in the “canonical” format as in the YAML specification.
Set the output encoding.
Set the indentation increment.
Set a generic output handler.
Set a string output.
Set if unescaped non-ASCII characters are allowed.
Set the preferred line width. -1 means unlimited.
Free any memory allocated for an event object.
Create a MAPPING-END event.
Create a MAPPING-START event.
Destroy a parser.
Initialize a parser.
Parse the input stream and produce the next YAML document.
Parse the input stream and produce the next parsing event.
Scan the input stream and produce the next token.
Set the source encoding.
Set a generic input handler.
Set a string input.
Create a SCALAR event.
Create a SEQUENCE-END event.
Create a SEQUENCE-START event.
Create the STREAM-END event.
Create the STREAM-START event.
Free any memory allocated for a token object.

Type Definitions

An element of a sequence node.
The prototype of a read handler.
The prototype of a write handler.