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The create provide basic functionality required for uniui_* crates family.

If you are looking information for uniui then the best place to start is (???)[???]


The crate inspired by Qt's signal/slot system. Signal can emit data and Slot can be connected to the Signal to receive data. There is few new concepts like SlotProxy and Property as well.

There is important difference between uniui and Qt's signal/slots system. Slot doesn't activate any peace of code (function/method/etc.) by itself. Instead it have to be pulled from the receiver side (via SlotImpl::next or SlotImpl::last or etc.). Usually it'll be done by [uniui_gui::Application]'s event loop. Please take a look at [uniui_gui::UWidget] or [uniui_gui::UObject] for slot processing simplification.



Property represents a storage which may receive new values via it's slot and may notify about value change via it's signal.


Signal can be used to inform others that new data is available.


The main implementation for Slot trait. Allows to pull data from queue.


SlotProxy may be used as independed reference to the original Slot's queue.



Slot represents a queue where data may be placed.