Struct uname_rs::Uname[][src]

pub struct Uname {
    pub sysname: String,
    pub nodename: String,
    pub release: String,
    pub version: String,
    pub machine: String,
    pub domainname: String,

Safe implementation of sys/utsname.h header.


sysname: Stringnodename: Stringrelease: Stringversion: Stringmachine: Stringdomainname: String


impl Uname[src]

pub fn new() -> Result<Self>[src]

Collects and converts system information into Uname struct. Returns Err on failure, Ok on success.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for Uname

impl Send for Uname

impl Sync for Uname

impl Unpin for Uname

impl UnwindSafe for Uname

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