[][src]Crate umbral_rs

umbral-rs is the implementation of the Umbral threshold proxy re-encryption scheme, built with Rust taking as reference the Python version createdby the Umbral authors.

Umbral is the implementation of a Proxy Re-Encryption scheme, in which a data holder can delegate decryption rights to a data consumer for any encrypted text intended for him/her. It is carried out through a re-encryption process performed by a series of semi-trusted proxies. When a threshold of these proxies participates by performing the re-encryption and creating some shares, the consumer is able to combine these independent re-encryption shares and decrypt the original message using his private key.

Encrypt/Decrypt Example

use umbral_rs::pre::*;

let params = new_standard_params();
let alice = KeyPair::new(&params);
let signer = Signer::new(&params);
let bob = KeyPair::new(&params);

let plaintext = b"Hello, umbral!".to_vec();
let (ciphertext, mut capsule) = encrypt(&alice.public_key(), &plaintext).unwrap();

capsule.set_correctness_keys(&alice.public_key(), &bob.public_key(), &signer.public_key());

let threshold = 2;
let nodes_number = 5;

let kfrags = generate_kfrags(

for kfrag in kfrags {
  let cfrag = reencrypt(&kfrag, &capsule, true, None, true).unwrap();

let plaintext_bob = decrypt(ciphertext, &capsule, &bob, true).unwrap();
assert_eq!(plaintext, plaintext_bob);
println!("{:?}", String::from_utf8(plaintext_bob.to_owned()).unwrap());