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A fingerprint consists of two independent UMASH hash values.

Similarly, the umash_fp_state struct wraps a sink from which we should extract a fingerprint.

A single UMASH params struct stores the parameters for a pair of independent UMASH functions.

This struct holds the state for incremental UMASH hashing or fingerprinting.

The umash_state struct wraps a sink in a type-safe interface: we don’t want to try and extract a fingerprint from a sink configured for hashing.


Returns the UMASH value for the bytes that have been umash_sink_updated into the state.

Returns the UMASH fingerprint for the bytes that have been umash_sink_updated into the state.

Prepares a umash_fp_state for computing the UMASH fingerprint in params.

Computes the UMASH fingerprint of data[0 ... n_bytes).

Computes the UMASH hash of data[0 ... n_bytes).

Prepares a umash_state for computing the whichth UMASH function in params.

Deterministically derives a umash_params struct from bits and key. The bits values do not have to be particularly well distributed, and can be generated sequentially.

Converts a umash_params struct filled with random values into something usable by the UMASH functions below.

Updates a umash_sink to take into account data[0 ... n_bytes).