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A safe Rust wrapper for Ultralight library.

Ultralight is a library for rendering web content using the GPU, it allows easy integration into games and other applications.

There are two options to use the library:

  • Using the App struct, which is a managed application that allows to create Windows that can contain multiple Overlays, you can control the position and size of the Overlays, and the inner Views.
  • The other option is using the Renderer directly, in that case, if you want to have GPU rendering in your application you need to supply a custom GpuDriver in platform::set_gpu_driver.

This library also contain a custom glium GpuDriver implementation that can be used for easier integration.



  • An App component to create GUI applications with Ultralight.
  • Bitmap container to hold raw pixels data.
  • The configuration of the Renderer struct.
  • Events that can be fired in Views.
  • Ultralight custom gpu driver.
  • Web-content overlay. Displays a web-page within an area of the main window.
  • Platform functions to configure Ultralight and provide user-defined implementations for various platform operations.
  • A container for Rectangle structure.
  • The Renderer manages all Views and coordinates painting, network requests, and event dispatch
  • Offscreen pixel buffer surface.
  • The View is a component used to load and display web content.
  • Window to display web content in an App.


  • The version of the Ultralight library.


  • Get the current version of the Ultralight library.