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This crate provides unsigned floats by defining two wrappers - a UF32 and UF64. The type is equivalent to storing a positive number of the underlying type (f32 or f64) and no optimisations have been carried out to use the sign bit to store another bit of the data.


To use this as a dependency, add it to your Cargo.toml file:

ufo = "0.1"

If you need serialization, enable the serde feature

ufo = { version = "0.1", features = ["serde"] }

There is also a nightly feature that takes advantage of the TryFrom/TryInto traits


use ufo::Uf32;

fn main() {
    let a = Uf32::try_new(1.0).expect("invalid number");
    let b = Uf32::try_new(2.0).expect("invalid number");
    assert_eq!(a + b, Uf32::try_new(3.0).expect("invalid number"))



An error that represents either a negative or an invalid number.


Uf32 represents an unsigned f32. You cannot create a new value directly and have to use the try_new() method or by calling try_into on a f32, where a check is made to ensure that the value is positive.



Polyfill trait that mimics the TryInto trait on stable till it is stabilized.