[][src]Trait uefi::data_types::Identify

pub unsafe trait Identify {
    const GUID: Guid;

Several entities in the UEFI specification can be referred to by their GUID, this trait is a building block to interface them in uefi-rs.

You should never need to use the Identify trait directly, but instead go for more specific traits such as Protocol or FileProtocolInfo, which indicate in which circumstances an Identify-tagged type should be used.

Implementing Identify is unsafe because attaching an incorrect GUID to a type can lead to type unsafety on both the Rust and UEFI side.

You can derive Identify for a type using the unsafe_guid procedural macro, which is exported by this module. This macro mostly works like a custom derive, but also supports type aliases. It takes a GUID in canonical textual format as an argument, and is used in the following way:

type Emptiness = ();

Associated Constants

const GUID: Guid

Unique protocol identifier.

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impl Identify for Input[src]

impl Identify for DebugSupport[src]

impl Identify for LoadedImage[src]

impl Identify for SimpleFileSystem[src]

impl Identify for MPServices[src]

impl Identify for FileInfo[src]

impl Identify for FileSystemInfo[src]

impl Identify for FileSystemVolumeLabel[src]

impl<'boot> Identify for GraphicsOutput<'boot>[src]

impl<'boot> Identify for Pointer<'boot>[src]

impl<'boot> Identify for Serial<'boot>[src]

impl<'boot> Identify for Output<'boot>[src]

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