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A simple, complete, const-everything, saturating, human-friendly, #![no_std] library for byte units.

use ubyte::{ByteUnit, ToByteUnit};

// Constructors and associated units for all SI units up to exbibyte.
let half_mb = 500.kilobytes();
let half_mb = ByteUnit::Kilobyte(500);
let half_mb = 500 * ByteUnit::kB;

// All arithmetic operations and conversions saturate.
let exbibyte_too_large_a = 1024 * ByteUnit::EiB;
let exbibyte_too_large_b = ByteUnit::Exbibyte(1024);
let exbibyte_too_large_c = 1024.exbibytes();
assert_eq!(exbibyte_too_large_a, ByteUnit::max_value());
assert_eq!(exbibyte_too_large_b, ByteUnit::max_value());
assert_eq!(exbibyte_too_large_c, ByteUnit::max_value());

// Printing is human-friendly and customizeable.
assert_eq!(323.kilobytes().to_string(), "323kB");
assert_eq!(3.mebibytes().to_string(), "3MiB");
assert_eq!((7.gigabytes() + 58.mebibytes() + 3.kilobytes()).to_string(), "7.06GB");
assert_eq!(format!("{:.0}", 7.gibibytes() + 920.mebibytes()), "8GiB");
assert_eq!(format!("{:.3}", 7.gibibytes() + 920.mebibytes()), "7.898GiB");
assert_eq!(format!("{:04.2}", 999.kilobytes() + 990.bytes()), "0976.55KiB");
assert_eq!(format!("{:02.0}", 999.kilobytes() + 990.bytes()), "01MB");

// Parsing is intuitive. Explicit `ByteUnit` is typically unnecessary.
assert_eq!("10 KiB".parse::<ByteUnit>().unwrap(), 10.kibibytes());
assert_eq!("10 kb".parse::<ByteUnit>().unwrap(), 10.kilobytes());
assert_eq!("512Kb".parse::<ByteUnit>().unwrap(), 512.kilobytes());
assert_eq!("99kb".parse::<ByteUnit>().unwrap(), 99.kilobytes());
assert_eq!("1 MiB".parse::<ByteUnit>().unwrap(), 1.mebibytes());
assert_eq!("1.5 MiB".parse::<ByteUnit>().unwrap(), 1.mebibytes() + 512.kibibytes());
assert_eq!("0.2MB".parse::<ByteUnit>().unwrap(), 200.kilobytes());
assert_eq!("7.25 gb".parse::<ByteUnit>().unwrap(), 7.gigabytes() + 250.megabytes());


  • ByteUnit constructors – ByteUnit::Byte and friends – for all SI units of bytes up to the exbibyte are provided; all constructors are const and saturating. Associated constants – ByteUnit::B and friends – for 1-valued units are provided. Saturating arithmetic operations between ByteUnit and all integers types are implemented. From<{integer}> for ByteUnit for all integer types is implemented. From<ByteUnit> for {u64, u128}> is implemented.

  • ToByteUnit provides human-friendly methods on all integer types for converting into a ByteUnit: 512.kilobytes().

  • The Display implementation displays ByteUnits in a human-friendly format. For truly custom printing, ByteUnit::repr() splits a value into its minimal components.

  • The FromStr implementation parses byte units in a case-free manner: 1B or 1b or 1 b => 1.bytes().

  • With the serde feaure enabled (disabled by default), ByteUnit implements Deserialize from strings and all integer types as well as Serialize into a u64.

  • All operations – constructors, arithmetic – saturate. Overflow, underflow, divide-by-zero, and mod-by-zero are impossible.


A unit of bytes with saturating const constructors and arithmetic.


Parsing error, as returned by ByteUnit::from_str().


Extension trait for conversion from integer types to ByteUnit.