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The syncing process consists of three stages. First you call ubiquity::detect::find_updates with a few of arguments which tell Ubiquity where to look for changed files. It will return a list of files that differ between replicas.

You can do whatever you like with that list, but most often you want to resolve those differences. You can use an algorithm, user input, or a hardcoded value to determine which replica is the 'master' replica for each difference. The 'master' is the correct, most up to date version of the file that will be propagated to all other replicas.

Ubiquity comes with the ubiquity::reconcile::guess_operation function which will pick whichever file changed since the last run, or None if no files change, or if files changed on both sides.

Once you have the 'master' replica, you can propagate changes using ubiquity::propagate::propagate.


extern crate generic_array;

use std::path::{Path, PathBuf};
use std::fs;
use ubiquity::{archive, detect, reconcile, propagate};
use ubiquity::config::{SyncInfo};
use regex::Regex;

fn main() {
    let _ = env_logger::init();

    let archive = archive::Archive::new(Path::new("tests/replicas/archives").to_path_buf()).unwrap();

    let a = Path::new("tests/replicas/path_a");
    let b = Path::new("tests/replicas/path_b");
    if !a.is_dir() {
    if !b.is_dir() {

    let mut config: SyncInfo = SyncInfo::new(arr![PathBuf; PathBuf::from("tests/replicas/path_a"), PathBuf::from("tests/replicas/path_b")]);
    config.ignore.paths.push("Microsoft User Data".to_string());

    let mut search = detect::SearchDirectories::from_root();

    let result = detect::find_updates(&archive, &mut search, &config, &detect::EmptyProgressCallback).expect("Failed to find conflicts");

    if result.differences.is_empty() {
        println!("All in sync");

    for difference in result.differences {
        let operation = reconcile::guess_operation(&difference);
        println!("Difference at {:?}, resolving using {:?}", difference.path, operation);
        if let reconcile::Operation::PropagateFromMaster(master) = operation {
            propagate::propagate(&difference, master, &archive, &propagate::DefaultPropagationOptions, &propagate::EmptyProgressCallback).unwrap();



Handles the serialization and deserialization of archive data


Configuration for the whole system


Detects differences between replicas


Error handling


Propagates changes from a master replica to all others


Makes suggestions on how to resolve differences between replicas


Core structures for representing the state of the filesystem



Trait which encapsulates the length of a GenericArray<PathBuf>/GenericArray<ArchiveEntryPerReplica> It will be automatically implemented for unsigned integers from the typenum crate.

Type Definitions


A type representing an index into a list of replicas.