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Collections of objects with typed indices and buildin identifier support.


  • Implements the Id trait for an object. For example, if an object Animal has a field ‘species_id’ which is a pointer toward another Object of type Species, you can implements Id with the following example. You can also implement Id for Animal itself (the identifier of an Animal is its own field that must be named id).
  • Implement trait WithId automatically for a type.


  • The Collection object looks like a Map<Idx<T>, T>, with opaque keys. Then, you can easily store indices and don’t mess up between different types of indices.
  • A Collection with identifier support.
  • Typed index.
  • The structure returned by CollectionWithId::index_mut.


  • Typed error for typed_index_collection.


  • An object that has a unique identifier.
  • An object that can be assigned an identifier.

Type Definitions

  • The type returned by collection::iter.