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Twistrs is a domain name permutation and enumeration library that is built on top of async Rust.

The library is designed to be fast, modular and easy-to-use for clients.

The two primary structs to look into are Domain and DomainMetadata.

Additionally the module documentation for permutation and enumeration provides more granular details on how each module may be used indepedently.

domain permutation and enrichment asynchronously.


The following is a trivial example using Tokio mpsc.

use twistrs::enrich::DomainMetadata;
use twistrs::permutate::Domain;

use tokio::sync::mpsc;

let domain = Domain::new("google.com").unwrap();
let permutations = domain.all().unwrap();

let (tx, mut rx) = mpsc::channel(1000);

for permutation in permutations {
    let domain_metadata = DomainMetadata::new(permutation.clone());
    let mut tx = tx.clone();

    tokio::spawn(async move
        if let Err(_) = tx.send((i, v.clone(), domain_metadata.dns_resolvable().await)).await {
            println!("received dropped");



    while let Some(i) = rx.recv().await {
        println!("{:?}", i);



The enrichment module exposes functionality to enrich a given domain with interesting metadata. Currently including:


The permutation module exposes functionality around generating multiple valid variations of a given domain. Note that this module is only concerned with generating possible permutations of a given domain.