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Scene rendering for the Turbine game engine.


  • Scene object stores all resources used for rendering
  • Frame graph stores command lists

This design allows flexible programming of scenes, without the need for a tree structure to store nodes for scene data. The frame graph can be used to debug the scene.


References a color buffer object.

References a command list object.

References a f32 uniform.

References a fragment shader.

Stores how stuff is rendered in a single frame.

References 4D matrix uniform.

References a normal buffer object.

Stores OBJ mesh data.

References a program.

Stores scene data.

Stores scene settings.

References a texture object.

References an UV buffer object.

References a 2D vector uniform.

References a 3D vector uniform.

References a vertex array object.

References a 2D vertex buffer object.

References a 3D vertex buffer object.

References a vertex shader.


Stores a scene command.