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Lightweight, flexible WebSockets for Rust.


pub use http;
pub use crate::client::client;
pub use crate::client::connect;
pub use crate::error::Error;
pub use crate::error::Result;
pub use crate::handshake::client::ClientHandshake;
pub use crate::handshake::server::ServerHandshake;
pub use crate::handshake::HandshakeError;
pub use crate::protocol::WebSocket;
pub use crate::server::accept;
pub use crate::server::accept_hdr;


A buffer for reading data from the network.

Methods to connect to a WebSocket as a client.

Error handling.

WebSocket handshake control.

Generic WebSocket message stream.

Methods to accept an incoming WebSocket connection on a server.

Convenience wrapper for streams to switch between plain TCP and TLS at runtime.

Helper traits to ease non-blocking handling.


An enum representing the various forms of a WebSocket message.