Describes an Apple SDK on the filesystem.

Represents a SupportedTargets value in a SDKSettings.json file.

Interface for constructing a universal Mach-O binary.



Default install path for the Xcode command line tools.

Default path to Xcode application.

Relative path under directories defining a Developer directory.


Create a universal mach-o binary from existing mach-o binaries.

Obtain the current developer directory where SDKs and tools are installed.

Obtain the path to the Developer directory in the default Xcode app.

Locate SDKs installed as part of the Xcode Command Line Tools.

Discover SDKs in the default developer directory.

Find “platforms” given a developer directory.

Locate SDKs given the path to a developer directory.

Finds SDKs in a specified directory.

Finds SDKs in a platform directory.

Find all system installed Xcode applications.

Finds all Developer directories for installed Xcode applications for system application installs.

Attempt to resolve all available Xcode applications in an Applications directory.