Trait trust_dns::client::ClientConnection[][src]

pub trait ClientConnection: 'static + Sized + Send {
    type Sender: DnsRequestSender<DnsResponseFuture = Self::Response>;
    type Response: Future<Item = DnsResponse, Error = ProtoError> + 'static + Send;
    type SenderFuture: Future<Item = Self::Sender, Error = ProtoError> + 'static + Send;
    fn new_stream(
        signer: Option<Arc<Signer>>
    ) -> (DnsExchangeConnect<Self::SenderFuture, Self::Sender, Self::Response>, DnsRequestStreamHandle<Self::Response>); }

Trait for client connections

Associated Types

The associated DNS RequestSender type.

Response type of the RequestSender

A future that resolves to the RequestSender

Required Methods

Construct a new stream for use in the Client