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Welcome to the trillium crate!

This crate is the primary dependency for building a trillium app or library. It contains a handful of core types and reexports a few others that you will necessarily need, but otherwise tries to stay small and focused. This crate will hopefully be the most stable within the trillium ecosystem. That said, trillium is still pre 1.0 and should be expected to evolve over time.

To get started with this crate, first take a look at the guide, then browse the docs for trillium::Conn.

At a minimum to build a trillium app, you’ll also need a trillium runtime adapter.


pub use trillium_http::http_types;
pub use log;


Unwraps an Result::Ok or returns the conn with a 500 status.

Unwraps an Option::Some or returns the conn.

A convenience macro for logging the contents of error variants.


A Trillium HTTP connection.

This struct represents information about the currently connected server.

Provides support for asynchronous initialization of a handler after the server is started.

A handler for sharing state across an application.


The building block for Trillium applications.

Type Definitions

A HTTP protocol upgrade

Attribute Macros