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This crate tries to provide a common trait for all kinds of trees. Two reasons for that:


Using a common trait allows third parties to switch tree implementations seamlessly. It also enables further abstractions to be built over for trees.


If you are implementing a tree, Treelike only requires you to implement two methods on your nodes, content to return its contents and children to list its children.

Many kinds of traversals and searches are then provided for free. I found myself implementing the same methods over and over on different trees, so that is my main motivation.


This crate tries to stay no_std compatible, but provides more functionality if allocations are available. The relevant types and methods contain a no_std section to discuss functionality and limitations.


pub use crate::treelike::Treelike;
pub use crate::treelike_mut::TreelikeMut;



This module contains some basic example trees that are used both for tests and for you to get some inspiration.