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See what’s different in arbitrary data structures.

The main diff algorithm. we implement here is less than a screen full of lines, yet it enables a vast amount of applications. It can work with all values implementing the Value trait.

On top of it there is a merge implementation, which can be used to aggregate changes into a target value. It works with Values which implement the Mutable trait.


Please have a look at the tests for diff and merge.

Also note that you will have to choose the features to build the library with in order to get trait implementations for Value types of common libraries, i.e. cargo build --features=with-serde-json.


Various tools to help making the diff algorithm useful with minimal effort.

Contains all implementations of the Value and Mutable traits.


The delegate receiving callbacks by the diff algorithm, which compares an old to a new value.

A trait to allow changing any Value.

Represents a scalar value or an associative array.


A generic diff algorithm suitable for Value types as seen in serialization/deserialization libraries.