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Note that there are “alloc” and “std” feature flags that can be turned off



  • Wrapper that implements TreeOrd with a no-op Tracker for any T: Ord. It may be important to implement TreeOrd manually for large and complicated T.
  • The generic [T] impl is not performant for [u8]. We can’t specialize the [T] impl on stable, so this exists to compare bytes in chunks of bytes. However, it seems this is only more performant for very long slices and deep trees, you should benchmark to see if this is faster for your usecase.
  • Like core::cmp::Reverse except for TreeOrd
  • The same as TreeOrdBytes but for an owned Vec<u8>


  • A trait for structs used in TreeOrd impls to store prefix information
  • An ordering trait for faster comparisons in binary tree searches