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Check that all jobs in a build matrix run and succeeded and launch a single task afterwards.

Travis offers no way to launch a single task when all jobs in a build finish. Relevant issue:

Sometimes such a hook is necessary, for example to publish a new version of your project only once and only if all jobs succeed.

travis-after-all is a workaround for this and allows to wait for all jobs and then run a command afterwards. This is a port of the original Python script:

CLI usage

You need to add the following lines to your .travis.yml. This installs the tool and executes as an after_success hook: (It will only work for Rust projects as it depends on Cargo, the Rust package manager)

  - |
     export PATH=$HOME/.cargo/bin:$PATH:$PATH &&
     cargo install --force travis-after-all

  - travis-after-all && echo "All fine, let's publish"

Library usage

You can use it as a library as well to build your own hooks:

use travis_after_all::Build;
let build_run = Build::from_env().unwrap();
if build_run.is_leader() {
    let _ = build_run.wait_for_others().unwrap();
    println!("Everything done. We can work here now.");



The information of a full build


A list of jobs


A single job and relevant information



All possible error cases