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This crate provides functions that allow moving files to the operating system’s Recycle Bin or Trash, or the equivalent.

Furthermore on Linux and on Windows additional functions are available from the os_limited module.

Potential UB on Linux and FreeBSD

When querying information about mount points, non-threadsafe versions of libc::getmnt(info|ent) are used which can cause UB if another thread calls into the same function, probably only if the mountpoints changed as well.

To neutralize the issue, the respective function in this crate has been made thread-safe with a Mutex.

If your crate calls into the aforementioned methods directly or indirectly from other threads, rather not use this crate.

As the handling of UB is clearly a trade-off and certainly goes against the zero-chance-of-UB goal of the Rust community, please interact with us in the tracking issue to help find a more permanent solution.

Notes on the Linux implementation

This library implements version 1.0 of the Trash specification and aims to match the behaviour of Ubuntu 18.04 GNOME in cases of ambiguity. Most -if not all- Linux distributions that ship with a desktop environment follow this specification. For example GNOME, KDE, and XFCE all use this convention. This crate blindly assumes that the Linux distribution it runs on, follows this specification.


  • This module provides functionality which is only supported on Windows and Linux or other Freedesktop Trash compliant environment.


  • A collection of preferences for trash operations.
  • This struct holds information about a single item within the trash.


  • Provides information about an error.