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This crate is a set of safe bindings to the client library of the Tracy profiler.

If you have already instrumented your application with tracing, consider tracing-tracy.

Important note

Simply depending on this crate is sufficient for tracy to be enabled at program startup, even if none of the APIs provided by this crate are invoked. Tracy will broadcast discovery packets to the local network and expose the data it collects in the background to that same network. Traces collected by Tracy may include source and assembly code as well.

As thus, you may want make sure to only enable the tracy-client crate conditionally, via the enable feature flag provided by this crate.


Create an instance of plot that can plot arbitrary f64 values.

Indicate that rendering of a continuous frame has ended.

Start a new Tracy span with function, file, and line determined automatically.

Start a non-continuous frame region.


A non-continuous frame region.

A plot for plotting arbitary f64 values.

A profiling wrapper around an allocator.

A handle representing a span of execution.


Output a message with an associated color.

Output a message.

Set the current thread name to the provided value.