[][src]Macro tower_test::assert_request_eq

macro_rules! assert_request_eq {
    ($mock_handle:expr, $expect:expr) => { ... };
    ($mock_handle:expr, $expect:expr, $($arg:tt)*) => { ... };

Asserts that the mock handle receives a new request equal to the given value.

On success, the [SendResponse] handle for the matched request is returned, allowing the caller to respond to the request. On failure, the macro panics.


use tower_service::Service;
use tower_test::{mock, assert_request_eq};
use tokio_test::assert_ready;

let (mut service, mut handle) = mock::spawn();


let response = service.call("hello");

assert_request_eq!(handle, "hello").send_response("world");

assert_eq!(response.await.unwrap(), "world");