[][src]Crate torro

A correct and easy-to-use BitTorrent library


  • Easy-to-use library interface that assumes by default with customisability if needed
  • Extremely low dependency count (none ideally)
  • High amount of documentation, no data structures/functions implemented without a line of docstring
  • Correctness with the BitTorrent protocols

Development/Production Status

Actively developed but heavily work-in-progress with only .torrent to user-friendly Torrent struct currently fully supported, see the torro roadmap for future plans.

Final notes

  • If you wish to use torro without using the Torrent structure, you may use the publically exposed lower-level functions that are not attached to it (like bencode::parse for example)



Bencode parsing-related functions used inside of Torrent::new and Torrent::from_file


All public error enums, see TorroError for the container enum which provides access to more specific errors


Contains main Torrent structure used as a "key" to interact with other parts of torro



BitTorrent prefix for all torro-based clients.