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tor-dirmgr: Code to fetch, store, and update Tor directory information.


This crate is part of Arti, a project to implement Tor in Rust.

In its current design, Tor requires a set of up-to-date authenticated directory documents in order to build multi-hop anonymized circuits through the network.

This directory manager crate is responsible for figuring out which directory information we lack, downloading what we’re missing, and keeping a cache of it on disk.

Compile-time features

mmap (default) – Use memory mapping to reduce the memory load for reading large directory objects from disk.

static – Try to link with a static copy of sqlite3.

routerdesc – (Incomplete) support for downloading and storing router descriptors.


pub use authority::Authority;
pub use authority::AuthorityBuilder;
pub use config::DirMgrConfig;
pub use config::DirSkewTolerance;
pub use config::DirSkewToleranceBuilder;
pub use config::DownloadScheduleConfig;
pub use config::NetworkConfig;
pub use config::NetworkConfigBuilder;


Information about directory authorities

Types for managing directory configuration.


Description of the directory manager’s current bootstrapping status.

A directory manager to download, fetch, and cache a Tor directory.

A document returned by a directory manager.

Configuration for how many times to retry a download, with what frequency.

A directory whose location ships with Tor (or arti), and which we can use for bootstrapping when we don’t know anything else about the network.


A reported diagnostic for what kind of trouble we’ve seen while trying to bootstrap a directory.

The identity of a single document, in enough detail to load it from storage.

The possible origins of a document.

An error originated by the directory manager code


Trait for DirMgr implementations

Type Definitions

A Result as returned by this crate.