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Rust implementation of LND RPC client using async GRPC library tonic.


Warning: this crate is in early development and may have unknown problems! Review it before using with mainnet funds!

This crate implements LND GRPC using tonic and prost. Apart from being up-to-date at the time of writing (:D) it also allows aync usage. It contains vendored rpc.proto file so LND source code is not required but accepts an environment variable LND_REPO_DIR which overrides the vendored rpc.proto file. This can be used to test new features in non-released lnd. (Actually, the motivating project using this library is that case. :))


There’s no setup needed beyond adding the crate to your Cargo.toml. If you need to change the rpc.proto input set the environment variable LND_REPO_DIR to the directory with cloned lnd during build.

Here’s an example of retrieving information from LND (getinfo call). You can find the same example in crate root for your convenience.

// This program accepts three arguments: address, cert file, macaroon file
// The address must start with `https://`!

async fn main() {
    let mut args = std::env::args_os();
    args.next().expect("not even zeroth arg given");
    let address = args.next().expect("missing arguments: address, cert file, macaroon file");
    let cert_file = args.next().expect("missing arguments: cert file, macaroon file");
    let macaroon_file = args.next().expect("missing argument: macaroon file");
    let address = address.into_string().expect("address is not UTF-8");

    // Connecting to LND requires only address, cert file, and macaroon file
    let mut client = tonic_lnd::connect(address, cert_file, macaroon_file)
        .expect("failed to connect");

    let info = client
        // All calls require at least empty parameter
        .get_info(tonic_lnd::rpc::GetInfoRequest {})
        .expect("failed to get info");

    // We only print it here, note that in real-life code you may want to call `.into_inner()` on
    // the response to get the message.
    println!("{:#?}", info);


Undetermined yet, please make suggestions.




pub extern crate tonic;


Messages and other types generated by tonic/prost


Error that could happen during connecting to LND

Supplies requests with macaroon


Connects to LND using given address and credentials

Type Definitions

The client returned by connect function

tonic::Status is re-exported as Error for convenience.