Trait tonic::server::ClientStreamingService[][src]

pub trait ClientStreamingService<R> {
    type Response;
    type Future: Future<Output = Result<Response<Self::Response>, Status>>;
    fn call(&mut self, request: Request<Streaming<R>>) -> Self::Future;

A specialization of tower_service::Service.

Existing tower_service::Service implementations with the correct form will automatically implement ClientStreamingService.

Associated Types

type Response[src]

Protobuf response message type

type Future: Future<Output = Result<Response<Self::Response>, Status>>[src]

Response future

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Required methods

fn call(&mut self, request: Request<Streaming<R>>) -> Self::Future[src]

Call the service

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impl<T, M1, M2> ClientStreamingService<M1> for T where
    T: Service<Request<Streaming<M1>>, Response = Response<M2>, Error = Status>, 

type Response = M2

type Future = T::Future

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