[][src]Struct ton_client_rs::TonClientConfig

pub struct TonClientConfig {
    pub default_workchain: Option<i32>,
    pub base_url: Option<String>,
    pub requests_url: Option<String>,
    pub queries_url: Option<String>,
    pub subscriptions_url: Option<String>,

TonClient configuration. Contains optional fields with configuration parameters.

default_workchain sets target workchain for deploying and running contracts

base_url is used for deriving requests_url, queries_url and subscriptions_url values with default suffixes if ones are not set.

requests_url points address for sending requests to node via http REST API

queries_url points address of GraphQL server for quering blockchain data

subscriptions_url points address of GraphQL server for subscripitions on blockchain data updates


default_workchain: Option<i32>base_url: Option<String>requests_url: Option<String>queries_url: Option<String>subscriptions_url: Option<String>

Trait Implementations

impl Default for TonClientConfig[src]

impl Serialize for TonClientConfig[src]

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