Function toml::to_string

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pub fn to_string<T>(value: &T) -> Result<String, Error>
where T: Serialize + ?Sized,
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Serialize the given data structure as a String of TOML.

Serialization can fail if T’s implementation of Serialize decides to fail, if T contains a map with non-string keys, or if T attempts to serialize an unsupported datatype such as an enum, tuple, or tuple struct.

To serialize TOML values, instead of documents, see ValueSerializer.


use serde::Serialize;

struct Config {
    database: Database,

struct Database {
    ip: String,
    port: Vec<u16>,
    connection_max: u32,
    enabled: bool,

let config = Config {
    database: Database {
        ip: "".to_string(),
        port: vec![8001, 8002, 8003],
        connection_max: 5000,
        enabled: false,

let toml = toml::to_string(&config).unwrap();
println!("{}", toml)