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TCP/UDP/Unix bindings for tokio.

This module contains the TCP/UDP/Unix networking types, similar to the standard library, which can be used to implement networking protocols.


  • TcpListener and TcpStream provide functionality for communication over TCP
  • UdpSocket provides functionality for communication over UDP
  • UnixListener and UnixStream provide functionality for communication over a Unix Domain Stream Socket (available on Unix only)
  • UnixDatagram provides functionality for communication over Unix Domain Datagram Socket (available on Unix only)



TCP utility types

unixUnix and net

Unix domain socket utility types

windowsWindows and net

Windows specific network types.


A TCP socket server, listening for connections.

A TCP socket that has not yet been converted to a TcpStream or TcpListener.

A TCP stream between a local and a remote socket.

A UDP socket

UnixDatagramUnix and net

An I/O object representing a Unix datagram socket.

UnixListenerUnix and net

A Unix socket which can accept connections from other Unix sockets.

UnixStreamUnix and net

A structure representing a connected Unix socket.


Converts or resolves without blocking to one or more SocketAddr values.


Performs a DNS resolution.