[][src]Module tokio::runtime::current_thread

A runtime implementation that runs everything on the current thread.

current_thread::Runtime is similar to the primary Runtime except that it runs all components on the current thread instead of using a thread pool. This means that it is able to spawn futures that do not implement Send.

Same as the default Runtime, the current_thread::Runtime includes:

  • A reactor to drive I/O resources.
  • An executor to execute tasks that use these I/O resources.
  • A timer for scheduling work to run after a set period of time.

Note that current_thread::Runtime does not implement Send itself and cannot be safely moved to other threads.

Spawning from other threads

While current_thread::Runtime does not implement Send and cannot safely be moved to other threads, it provides a Handle that can be sent to other threads and allows to spawn new tasks from there.

For example:

use tokio::runtime::current_thread::Runtime;
use tokio::prelude::*;
use std::thread;

let mut runtime = Runtime::new().unwrap();
let handle = runtime.handle();

thread::spawn(move || {



Creating a new Runtime and running a future f until its completion and returning its result.

use tokio::runtime::current_thread::Runtime;
use tokio::prelude::*;

let mut runtime = Runtime::new().unwrap();

// Use the runtime...
// runtime.block_on(f); // where f is a future



Builds a Single-threaded runtime with custom configuration values.


Handle to spawn a future on the corresponding CurrentThread runtime instance


Single-threaded runtime provides a way to start reactor and executor on the current thread.


Executes futures on the current thread.



Run the provided future to completion using a runtime running on the current thread.


Start a current-thread runtime using the supplied future to bootstrap execution.


Executes a future on the current thread.